The eclipse in Antarctica aboard the Scenic Eclipse

Do you want to experience an eclipse on board a luxury yacht in Antarctica? With the Scenic Eclipse, now it’s possible!

Witnessing a solar eclipse is always a spectacular event, but so is experiencing a fully all-inclusive cruise to Antarctica aboard an exclusive luxury yacht. What if it were possible to have both experiences at the same time?

Scenic Luxury Cruises & Tours will offer this extraordinary opportunity to 200 guests who will come aboard the first Discovery Yacht in the world, the Scenic Eclipse, on November 21, 2021. In fact, it will be possible to see a total solar eclipse on December 4, 2021, when the yacht will be positioned in the Sandwich Island archipelago in Antarctica.

The November 21, 2021 departure will offer the possibility to combine an extraordinary itinerary to discover the Antarctic, South Georgia and the Falkland Islands, with the opportunity to witness an incredible eclipse event.

For this exceptional occasion, the Scenic Discovery Team will be joined by two former NASA scientists and a world-renowned astrologer to make the most of this fantastic adventure: Dr. Karen Knierman, Dr. Patrick Young and Rachel Frances Gordon.

The Scenic Eclipse is an elegant yacht created following the highest safety standards and offering unrivaled opportunities to explore to region, with a completely all-inclusive package. The max capacity for guests on board is 228 guests (200 when traveling to the polar regions), and the accommodations include large suites with balconies, 10 possible dining experiences, butler service for all guests, a full choice of shore excursions, full use of the Senses Spa, gym, and much more.

The Scenic Eclipse also has two helicopters that will afford guests the opportunity to admire the Antarctic from above and a submarine, the Scenic Neptune, which will allow them to go to up to 300 meters below the surface.

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Emanuela Daniele