The Aranui 5 sets off again to discover the Marquesas

Aranui Cruises will begin sailing with passengers again on August 8, 2020 heading toward the marvelous Marquesas Islands in French Polynesia.

The resumption of cruising was made possible by the lifting of local travel restrictions in French Polynesia starting on July 15th. Just one cruise, reserved strictly for local passengers, already took place on July 18th.

Given that Aranui Cruises also provides a service connecting the islands with scheduled trips between them, some departures without passengers were done during the weeks of lockdown, presenting the opportunity to try out the new health safety protocols. Just like on ships of other companies, the Aranui 5 will have a reduced number of passengers on board with respect to the maximum capacity (between 254 and 230). In the meantime, the first 9 cruises have been scheduled for 2020 and 18 itineraries for 2021.

Aranui Cruises is known for its unique cruises to the Marquesas Islands on board ships that are dedicated half to cargo and half to passengers, with all the convenience and comfort of a cruise ship. During the journey, the Aranui 5 visits all of the six inhabited islands of the Marquesas: Nuku Hiva, Ua Huka, Ua Pou, Hiva Oa, Fatu Hiva and Tahuata, with excursions offered in every port of call.

Don’t miss out on exploring the archeological sites in the Taipivai Valley and Nuku Hiva, which is dotted with stone tiki huts and rock art, crossing the Ua Huka mountains in a 4 × 4 or riding one of the famous Marquesas horses that roam wild on the island. A visit to the former home of the artist Paul Gauguin is planned on Hiva Oa and on Fatu Hiva, the most lush and distant of the islands visited during the trip, there is the opportunity to watch the sunset in the Bay of Virgins, a UNESCO world heritage site.

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Gabriele Bassi