SeaDream Yacht Club: cruises have resumed

The first SeaDream Yacht Club Norwegian cruise itinerary left from Oslo on June 20. It is the first company in the luxury sector to resume cruising after the prolonged interruption, which started in March 2020, caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The itineraries offered by SeaDream in Norway have met with great success. The initial schedule included only the SeaDream I, with 9 cruises. As it completely sold out, the company decided to also schedule the SeaDream 2, and in this way they were able to double availability to satisfy the growing requests.

The small ships in the fleet allow for making quick changes to itineraries as well as making it easier to adapt to the health protocols necessary for the resumption of cruising. Small ports of call, many exclusive to the brand, are included on the itineraries for the summer 2020 Norway season. Included as well is their attentive and luxury services and their small ships that are comfortable and perfect for small ports. The crew took advantage of this period of break from operations by performing maintenance work on the two ships and completing the official WHO Covid-19 course to learn the new cleaning procedures and how to deal with the disease.

“We are very proud to be the first luxury cruise line to resume operations. Our preparation has paid off because we are able to maintain the experience of luxury on board while ensuring the health, comfort and safety of everyone,” said Andreas Brynestad of SeaDream. “Everyone in the whole world was affected by this health crises. This historic moment marks good news not only for our team, but for the entire sector.”

SeaDream has ships that are well-suited to safeguarding the health of its guests, to their wellbeing and vitality thanks to the onboard activities and spaces available to them. The yachts which offer a large exterior area with lots of room, fresh air and healthy food have always been and will continue to be the main components of this company’s success.

The SeaDream experience is notable for its personalized and award-winning service, its 5-star dining, its small ports-of-call and the exceptional extra touches on board like the dreamy Balinese beds for sleeping under the stars or the marina area with every type of equipment you could desire.

All the departures are available for purchase on the official SeaDream website, just click on the following link
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Gabriele Bassi