Scenic: Between South Georgia and Falkland Islands

With the arrival of summer in Antarctica and South Georgia, Scenic offers a journey to explore these pristine destinations, including the Falkland Islands, rich with majestic landscapes and wildlife.

This expedition will provide a full exploration of the Falkland Islands, home to the largest population of gentoo penguins and historical settlements known for the 1980 Falklands War battle; South Georgia, often called the Galápagos of the Poles, which offers unique mountain landscapes and waters teeming with whales and orcas, featuring some of the largest colonies of king penguins in the world; and the Antarctic Peninsula, a place of extreme beauty where you can venture on a tour in the Scenic Neptune submarine or cutting-edge helicopters.

The 22-day exploration aboard Scenic Eclipse departs on November 27 from Buenos Aires, a dynamic city known for its architectural styles, contemporary and historical arts, and culinary experiences, to reach the Falkland Islands, considered one of the wonders of the far southern hemisphere, for a two-day exploration. Amidst green hills and clear waters lapping white sandy beaches, you can visit Stanley, the capital of the East Falkland archipelago, characterized by small streets, local shops, and typical English pubs, where the Christ Church Cathedral, with its striking whalebone arch, is located.

The journey continues to South Georgia, with four days of exploration discovering incredible wildlife, including king penguins, elephant seals, and fur seals. In Grytviken, you can pay homage to Sir Ernest Shackleton, the famous explorer, and see the remains of old whaling stations, with some abandoned ships around the bay. In Fortuna Bay, weather permitting, you can observe wildlife, the wonderful jagged peaks, and the vast König Glacier, accompanied by the Polar Discovery Team. Their experience and knowledge of these extraordinary creatures will explain the importance of the landscape for the reproduction and survival of the various species on the island.

Finally, five days in Antarctica will allow immersion in an unpredictable and extraordinarily beautiful environment, with icebergs towering thousands of meters from the ocean. The itinerary will be mapped out based on ice and weather conditions, thanks to the team’s expertise. Planned destinations include Portal Point, a former British refuge, where you can climb snow-capped mountains for unique views; the Lemaire Channel, renowned for its picturesque panoramas and often referred to as ‘Kodak Alley’; and Deception Island, one of the few places in the world where ships can sail directly into the submerged caldera of an active volcano. A polar plunge is, of course, a must in Antarctica, offering a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

The journey ends in Ushuaia after crossing the Drake Passage, followed by a return flight to Buenos Aires. At the heart of the Antarctic voyage is the Polar Discovery Team, composed of 20 experts with diverse qualifications in science, geology, botany, history, photography, marine biology, and glaciology, who accompany guests throughout the journey, answering all curiosities. Additionally, as with all Scenic cruises, the exploration experience is complemented by the ultra-luxury service and comfort of Scenic Eclipse, which offers up to ten culinary experiences, nine bars and lounges, an expansive Senses Spa, and spacious veranda suites.

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Giorgia Lombardo