Riverside: Departures with a Special Offer

Riverside Luxury Cruises, one of the most prestigious brands of river cruises operating in Europe, offers cruises aboard particularly elegant ships equipped with all the comforts to provide unforgettable vacations. To Riverside’s personalized and luxurious service for the spring period, a special offer is added that includes onboard credit for guests who book a cruise by May 31st.

Benefiting from the SPRING24 promo, which includes a €150 onboard credit per person, will be all guests who decide to book a cruise departing by August 31st, 2024, with itineraries of 5 or more nights along Europe’s most famous rivers such as the Danube, Rhine, Rhône, and Main.

There are many available itineraries, and the protagonists will obviously be Riverside Mozart on the Danube, Riverside Ravel on the Rhône, and Riverside Debussy on the Rhine. On board all ships, expert chefs will create the best local dishes inspired by the region being visited. Moreover, it is possible to combine the itineraries as desired to enhance one’s journey.

Riverside Mozart will therefore take guests on wonderful itineraries along the Danube with cruises ranging from 5 to 9 days, departing from Passau, Vienna, and Budapest to discover unique and fascinating cities like Melk, home to the impressive ochre-colored abbey, Passau, one of Germany’s major blade weapon production centers during the Renaissance, Vienna, the renowned city of music, but also to enjoy a glass of Tokaji Aszù (Hungarian wine) in Budapest, admire the vineyards of the Wachau Valley, and the Schlogen Oxbow, the famous horseshoe-shaped bend of the Danube.

With Riverside Ravel, it is possible instead to opt for an itinerary on the Rhône with cruises from 5 to 8 days, departing from Avignon and Lyon to discover the secrets of the Rhône where fine wines, sublime landscapes, and history will be the true protagonists. Sailing along the Rhône, you can admire Viviers, the smallest city in France; the beloved Arles of Van Gogh, and Port St. Louis where the river meets the sea. Highlights of the itineraries with Riverside Ravel on the Rhône will be the monumental Palace of the Popes, the medieval castle of Tarascon, and exclusive experiences offered by Riverside such as wine tastings or a visit to the Camargue.

Finally, Riverside Debussy will take guests along the Rhine, Main, and Danube with cruises from 5 to 22 days departing from Amsterdam, Nuremberg, Budapest, Regensburg, Trier, Frankfurt, Düsseldorf, and Basel to explore more deeply the treasures of this region and admire the different scenarios and landscapes that characterize the Rhine. From Cologne, in Germany, to the charming Rüdesheim, to the splendid Strasbourg in Basel, Switzerland, from the lively Amsterdam, Nuremberg, Vienna, and Budapest to the picturesque Miltenberg and Bamberg, with the various itineraries proposed by Riverside along these famous rivers, it will be possible to seize all that this splendid region has to offer and choose the itinerary that best suits one’s needs. Highlights during these itineraries will certainly be the romantic cliffside castles along the Rhine, the charm of the winding Main, and the breathtaking views along the Upper Danube.

Whether it’s the Danube, Rhine, Rhône, or Main, Riverside Luxury Cruises is ready to offer its guests the opportunity to experience the art, architecture, and cuisine of this region in a very special way, completing it all with its Spring24 promotion.

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Giorgia Lombardo