Pelorus: an extraordinary Indonesian Cruise adventure

Is this the ultimate Christmas Cruise? Neiman-Marcus, the uber-luxury retailer, certainly believes so. In their eagerly-awaited Christmas catalogue “Fantasy Gifts for 2023”, they feature an extraordinary Indonesian Cruise adventure.

Renowned for offering and over-the-top list of unforgettable pleasures, Pelorus’ 9-Day Adventure through the Indonesian Islands surely qualifies. Ten fortunate guests will partake in an astonishing Treasure Hunt. Peppered with activities including jungle hiking, cave and waterfall exploration, scuba and snorkeling in pristine waters, Pelorus’ all-inclusive adventure begins in Bali.

There guests will board the opulent 134-foot (42 meter) yacht Samata. On board they’ll be treated to fine dining, spa treatments, and the sheer luxury of five superb suites. The thrill of the Treasure Hunt begins with a private candlelit dinner in a secluded cove. The Pelorus team initiates the search leading guests through a series of clues. These all lead the ultimate reward: A $150,000 voucher to fill a treasure chest with exquisite Neiman-Marcus jewelry. The entire experience concludes with a spectacular farewell beach party under the stars followed by an overnight stay in Bali’s finest hotel. The cost of this magical journey? $485,000.


Crafted by hand in 2006 on South Sulawesi Island, Indonesia, Samata is a Phinisi yacht that seamlessly blends traditional Indonesian sailing vessels with contemporary European design. The name “Phinisi” itself is derived from the region where Samata was constructed. It is known worldwide for its boat-building expertise for centuries. The yacht’s name means “Harmony and Tranquility” in English. The moment you step aboard Samata , you will see how apt a name it is.

Samata features 3 decks including a sun deck, diving deck and a private deck attached to a spacious Primary suite. Its French-designed European-flaired interiors, combined with Indonesian craftsmanship, create an inviting atmosphere with plush furnishings and rich hardwoods. On the main deck, dining tables transform into outdoor daybeds, sun loungers and side tables for any occasion. What’s most astonishing about Samata? Its crew outnumbers its guests. There are no fewer than 14 crew dedicated to ensuring every aspect of the trip—from gourmet dining to water sports—is impeccably managed.


Founded by former British Army Captains, Geordie Mackay-Lewis and Jimmy Carroll, Pelorus offers completely arranged private travel experiences all over the world. Working in tandem with their clients, the pair seek to meet every wish on their clients bucket lists. Pelorus’ views Yachting as a canvas for crafting extraordinary once-in-a-lifetime experiences. The yachting Treasure Hunt is a testament to their success, offering a remarkable and unforgettable journey for those seeking unparalleled luxury and adventure.

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Monte Mathews