MSC Cruises: 2021-2022 in Saudi Arabia

MSC Cruises will be sailing to Saudi Arabia during the winter of 2021-2022 thanks to an agreement that will bring the MSC Virtuosa and the MSC Magnifica to the Red Sea.

International guests will be able to reach Jeddah with direct flights from the most important European and international cities served by Saudia Airlines, the official airline of the Kingdom. The flights will be modified to adapt to the departure and arrival times of the ships, in order to ensure a convenient organization of connections.

Cruise Saudi and MSC Cruises plan to host on board two ships, the MSC Magnifica and the MSC Virtuosa, about 170,000 passengers during the upcoming 2021/22 winter season. Guests will have the opportunity to explore the historical, cultural and natural treasures of Saudi Arabia. Even Saudi residents will be able to choose to spend their vacation days in their own country to discover its wonders and enjoy the comfort that only a cruise ship can offer.

According to the agreement, signed in Riyadh, the MSC Magnifica will have as its homeport one of the largest ports in the Middle East, that of Jeddah. The city itself is one of the largest in Saudi Arabia and its historic city center has been recognized as an UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The program includes seven-day cruises in the Red Sea during the period from November 2021 to March 2022, arriving to various ports and destinations within the region including three Saudi ports. The cruises will also include a weekly stopover at the port of Al Wajh, from which it will be possible to disembark to visit the town of Alula which is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Some guests on board the MSC Magnifica will have the opportunity to see a thrilling sporting event during their trip: the Saudi Arabian Formula 1 Grand Prix 2021, scheduled to happen on December 5th in Jeddah.

To the Red Sea itineraries of the MSC Magnifica will be added those of the MSC Virtuosa, the flagship of the company. The MSC Virtuosa will spend the winter 2021 season departing from the port of Dammam, with the possibility to visit the Al-Hasa oasis, another UNESCO World Heritage Site.

This new destination is a major novelty in the company’s portfolio but also in the world of cruises, where MSC Cruises is a leader in the discovery of new cruise stops and in signing agreements for opening new itineraries.

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Gabriele Bassi