Lindblad Expeditions: new 2021/2022 itineraries

Lindblad Expeditions has announced its new itineraries for the 2021/2022 season to discover the wildest nature on the planet!

The intrepid developers of the Lindblad Expeditions trips were not able to venture far from home during the pandemic, but based on their previous travel experiences they were able to continue to wander in their minds and redesign new expeditions to discover the wildest and most unspoiled natural places.

The new itineraries proposed by Lindblad Expeditions allow you to retrace epic adventures, whether it is crossing the Northwest Passage, a route that connects the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean within the Arctic Ocean, or the exploration of New Zealand or the sub-Antarctic islands.

The return to travel for Lindblad Expeditions will also feature the debut of two new extraordinary polar ships, the National Geographic Endurance and the National Geographic Resolution, which will both sail their inaugural trips this year.

For the new 2021 season, Lindblad Expeditions is proposing different travel alternatives such as:

→ EXHILARATING NEW ADVENTURES that will offer various itineraries through New Zealand, the sub-Antarctic islands, Tahiti, Fiji, Indonesia and Vietnam;

→ WILD ESCAPES that will allow you to visit Greenland, Iceland or Peru, even for brief itineraries of just 5 days;

→ NEW ARCTIC EXPLORATION will take you to the edges of the northern-most coasts of the planet aboard the new ships in the fleet, the National Geographic Endurance and the National Geographic Resolution. It will be possible to choose between the Northeast Passage, Iceland and Greenland or the Russian Arctic;

→ SOUTH AMERICA to explore the different South American coastlines, through a large variety of ecosystems including Brazil, Panama, Colombia, Argentina, South Georgia and the Falkland Islands;

→ EPIC ADVENTURES IN ANTARCTICA which will allow you to combine the famous marvels of the Antarctic Peninsula with southern Patagonia and the Chilean fjords. Or will offer the opportunity to visit New Zealand and Australia’s sub-Antarctic islands;

→ JAPAN IN 2021 a trip during which you can explore Japan by sea with three different travel solutions to choose from.

Because of their shared passion for adventure and discovery, Lindblad Expeditions has partnered with National Geographic since 2004 and since that time, by combining their vast resources, they have been able to provide extraordinary expedition cruises to some of the most remote and fascinating places in the world.

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Emanuela Daniele