Fly/Cruise: Quark Expeditions’ Antarctica

Quark Expeditions is one of the cruise companies specializing in itineraries in the Antarctic that offers among the most exclusive and complete experiences for a one-of-a-kind adventure on the 6th continent.

Discovering Antarctica is certainly one of the most exciting things, not only for cruise passengers, but for any traveler and nature lover. In addition to the quality of the services, the knowledge of the guides and the incredible ships in its fleet, Quark Expeditions stands out for its offers of complete Fly/Cruise itineraries. For passengers interested in this, the package provides flights from Punta Arenas directly to King George Island to then embark on an expedition cruise of 7 or 10 days.

For those who love to sail, there are also itineraries by sea leaving from South America, but the Fly/Cruise package allows you to save time and avoid the issues of seasickness for those who suffer from it.

The Fly/Cruise trips offer an overnight both before and after the cruise, so that you can enjoy the most comfortable and safe experience possible. The emergency information update and the delivery to guests of the necessary winter equipment takes place the evening before departure directly in the hotel. The next day, the group of guests is accompanied to the airport where a local company takes the cruise passengers over to the Antarctic Peninsula on a flight lasting just under two hours.

King George Island is an international area and it is not possible to visit it. The Quark Expeditions’ guests will make their way briefly on foot to reach the Zodiac departure area and finally board the ship.

The Quark Expeditions’ ships offer incredible comfort, great dining and spaces to socialize and indulge in some self-care. A hot tub with a view of the ice is certainly one of the most amazing experiences offered on board. The excursions are managed by onboard experts, guides who are capable of explaining the world that guests are about to discover and involving them in the most active ways. The company also stands out for the number of excursions and for the time it manages to have its passengers spend “on shore.”

Quark Expeditions offers two different itineraries. The first, “Fly the Drake,” has a duration of seven days with the exploration of the northern part of the Antarctic Peninsula. The second, called “Crossing the Circle” has a duration of 10 days and goes south until it crosses the Antarctic polar circle.

Instead, non-flight cruises embark from Ushuaia and after the crossing offer the same itineraries of varying lengths. Quark Expeditions is a specialized expedition cruise company offering exclusively polar routes. This guarantees they have truly top experience, spanning over 30 years, which gives guests the security of visiting these wonderful remote areas in the best possible way.

The Ultramarine, the expedition ship recently delivered to the company, is also one of the most innovative and cutting-edge units, which will certainly add further value to the experience with Quark Expeditions.

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Gabriele Bassi