Exploring the Danube with Riverside Cruises

The Danube offers unique and captivating landscapes in every season, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site and stretching over 30 kilometers. Riverside Luxury Cruises provides the opportunity to discover the gems along this iconic and fascinating river, which alternates between linear sections and stretches where it widens to form a lake.

The Danube flows through ten countries, extending for 2,226 kilometers between Passau and the Black Sea. Thanks to its rich history, along the journey one can admire monasteries, cathedrals, synagogues, and minarets. With the “Discoveries on the Danube” itinerary, it is possible to immerse oneself in this fantastic region, discovering monuments and historic buildings on an 8-day journey starting from Budapest, Hungary, a city offering numerous highlights to explore, such as thermal baths, the Castle Garden Bazaar, and the Fisherman’s Bastion.

Setting sail aboard the luxurious and comfortable Riverside Mozart, the journey begins by navigating towards Mohács in Hungary, a port connecting the region to other parts of Europe, which holds significant historical importance due to the Battle of Mohács that brought this part of Hungary under Ottoman control for many years. The cruise then proceeds to Vukovar in Croatia, rich in wineries and intriguing archaeological sites. The city, located near the Serbian border, still bears the scars of the 1991 war that lasted four years. Here, one can participate in the “Vukovar Discovery and Piano Concert at Eltz Manor” excursion, a walking tour to discover the city’s highlights such as the water tower, the National Memorial Cemetery of the Victims of the Homeland War, and the elegant Eltz Manor, the 18th-century baroque home of the Vukovar City Museum.

Upon arriving in Serbia, visitors can explore its capital, Belgrade, which offers much to see, including food, cycling tours, and a visit to the Nikola Tesla Museum and the city’s fortress. Various organized excursions are available, including a bike tour, a walking tour, or for those interested in the former Yugoslavia, an excursion to the Museum of Yugoslavia with historical insights. After a day of relaxation during navigation, the cruise reaches Novi Sad in Serbia, a university city rich in events and festivals, which likely earned it the titles of Youth Capital of Europe 2019 and European Capital of Culture 2022. Here, one can admire the fascinating Petrovaradin Fortress, the clock tower, the Cathedral, the Bishop’s Palace, and more.

Finally, the cruise returns to Hungary, visiting Kalocsa, one of the oldest cities in the country that perfectly blends tradition and modernity, known as the Paprika Capital of the World. Here, one can admire old buildings and picturesque shops famous for selling paprika and embroidery, as well as the Archbishop’s Palace with its incredible library housing 150,000 books and manuscripts. The journey ends by returning to Budapest to explore this beautiful city further, including the “Snapshot of Budapest” excursion, a panoramic journey offering an introduction to the city’s highlights, traveling along Andrassy Boulevard.

This itinerary is undoubtedly rich in history, cultures to discover, and wonderful landscapes to admire, with the comfort of a small but cozy ship that docks in the heart of the cities, offering the utmost in exploration.

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Giorgia Lombardo