Coral Expeditions: discovering the Coral Sea

The heart of Coral Expeditions is the Great Barrier Reef, where this small Australian company began its cruise activity 35 years ago. In this time of uncertainty and global challenges, Coral Expeditions has of course chosen to resume from the Great Barrier Reef with brand new itineraries with the highest safety protocols.

These new departures onboard the Coral Discoverer will explore the pristine exterior coral reefs and the lesser known islands, discovering the extraordinary marine life and the rich natural history and culture of the region. They will follow the SailSAFE plan, with several precautions that will allow passengers to relax and immerse themselves in this icon of World Heritage.

Here are the fantastic new itineraries offered by Coral Expeditions:

Outerknown Adventures on the Great Barrier Reef_  New expedition cruises lasting 7 nights on board the Coral Discoverer from October to December 2020 and July 2021. The passengers will be able to explore the exterior coral reefs, the islands and the lesser known beaches of this natural marvel. The marine biology experts will guide the guests, informing them about the marine life, the different coral types, the habitat of the rainforest and revealing the hidden corners of this iconic marine landscape.

Citizen Science Expedition with Australian Geographic_ During this 10-night expedition, guided by the famous marine biologist Dean Miller, guests will take part in conservation activities to protect the coral reef as part of the Biobank Living Corals project. During the journey, passengers will explore the outer limits of the coral reef and they can learn all about this marvelous world thanks to the explanations and seminars by experts on board. The cruise passengers can gather and catalogue varies coral species while helping to create the first biobank of live corals in the world. Only 60 guests can take part in this unique experience.

Revitalize on the Reef: Wellness themed Voyage_ Escape to rejuvenate, discovering the slow rhythms and the true soul of the Coral Sea in this special cruise dedicated to wellness. Developed in coordination with the expert Kris Abbey, this experience offers a mix of health practices and wellness enjoyed in the natural sanctuary of the exterior Great Barrier Reef.  During the cruise, the Yoga Soul Sisters will hold lessons on the islands and in the bays visited. Qi-Gong, relaxation activities, fitness, diet and meditation will all be on rotation each day, in the peace of sailing or surrounded by sea birds.

At this time, the cruises can be booked by Australians only and offer a very safe environment, given the size of the ships with respect to the number of passengers and all the health and cleaning protocols established on board. Coral Expeditions offers a unique opportunity to visit the magic of the coral reefs, with fantastic itineraries that each represent a unique experience.

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Gabriele Bassi