Coral Expeditions: around Australia in 60 days

Coral Expeditions presents a 60-day cruise to circumnavigate Australia onboard the Coral Adventurer.

Boarding the ship on October 30, 2021, Coral Expeditions guests will take part in a special event to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the circumnavigation of Coral Expeditions: 35,876 km of Australian coastline in 60 days.

Very few people in their lifetime can say that they have explored the entire Australian coastline by sea. This is a truly epic event in the history of Australian cruising during which deep ties will be established with the people, landscape, wildlife and cultures of this vast island continent while traveling aboard the Coral Adventurer.

The itinerary will begin and end in Darwin and will sail counterclockwise. Along the way, guests will explore 35 places that have shaped Australia and that because of their sites have always attracted seafarers, tourists and lovers of culture and nature. Let’s look at some highlights of this incredible journey:

Visit to the historic Careeninng Bay for an event celebrating the 200th anniversary of Sir Phillip Parker King’s expedition.

Pay homage at sea to the HMAS Sydney in its resting place in the Indian Ocean.

Discover the ancient and otherworldly stromatolite fossils in Denham.

Navigate along the enchanting cliffs of Bunda.

Encounter the charismatic Australian wildlife on Kangaroo Island.

Enjoy the tasty dairy and beef products with a visit to the remote King Island.

Retrace the voyages of Captain James Cook along the main landing sites on the east coast of Australia.

Explore the historical sites from the Second World War on the Torres Strait Islands.

Explore the world heritage nature area and hear stories from the indigenous guides on Fraser Island.

The cruise will also include some special events which will enrich the itinerary and the overall travel experience aboard the Coral Adventurer. For example, special guest hosts, the Horgan Family, will join cruisers for a dinner dedicated to the famous Leeuwin Estate vineyards, wine producers on the Margaret River, where guests will be able to enjoy a memorable regional wine tasting dinner paired with the chef’s dishes.

Guests will also enjoy the historic significance and thrill of a regatta as they board the historic barques the Soren Larsen and the Southern Swan for a daytime sailing adventure in Sydney Harbor. In Cairns, guests will partake in a very special expedition to Uluru.

A special charter flight will transport cruise passengers to this wonderful place for a traditional sunset drink and entertainment with a view of Kata Tiuja, followed by a delicious dinner at the renowned “Sound of Silence”. After observing the stars and concluding the evening with a glass of wine, guests will return to Cairns the same evening on a charter flight.

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Meri Biagetti