AmaWaterways: a trip to 14 countries on 7 rivers

AmaWaterways takes us to discover the Seven River Journey: a new, unprecedented, epic trip to discover 14 countries and 7 rivers!

This is the longest and most extraordinary river navigation ever to be done in a single 46-night itinerary traveling through 14 fascinating European countries aboard 4 award-winning river cruise ships.

The departure is planned for June 1, 2021 from Paris and the arrival in Giurgiu, Romania for July 17th, 2023. The rivers to be traveled will be the: Seine, Rhone, Saone, Rhine, Moselle, Main and Danube. While the European countries visited will include: France, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg, the Czech Republic, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Romania and Bulgaria.

Besides the AmaWaterways services already included, all the guests will also get:

→ A dedicated Cruise Manager who will take care of them during the entire trip;

→ Free tips both on board and on shore;

→ Seamless transfers between ships;

→ Excursions in small groups with a variety of choices each day;

→ Exclusive experiences only for Seven River Journey guests;

→ All meals on board, with several options for dining;

→ Free laundry and porter service;

→ Commemorative gifts;

→ More surprises and delights.

A dream trip through the very heart of Europe, with convenient organized transfers and maximum comfort.

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Emanuela Daniele