Discovering Kristiansand by cruise!

Kristiansand, located in southern Norway, has a beautiful city center and is now becoming a popular destination for cruise passengers. What to see and do in one day!

Thanks to our tour in Sweden and Norway, we spent time in this beautiful city and partially discovered it!

The cruise terminal in Kristiansand is in close proximity to “Fiskebasaren,” the fish market. From salmon to crabs, from stockfish to lobster, almost everything Norwegian waters have to offer can be bought here.

Kristiansand is a very modern and sporty city. There are many newly built houses near the harbor and everywhere you can play sports. For example, walk around a bit and you will encounter Otterdalsparken Fountain Park, a unique recreational area with granite fountains.

The most impressive structure to visit is definitely the “Christiansholm Fortress,” which houses a cannon museum. You can enter the courtyard free of charge, where you can enjoy a beautiful view toward the harbor.

Afterwards you can head to Kristiansand Cathedral, it is the third largest church in the country, and in the summer you can participate in guided tours of the cathedral, including the tower.

Finally, immerse yourself in a stroll through Kristiansand’s old town, Posebyen, which has a beautiful shopping street and the side streets are filled with charming old white wooden houses.

If you want to eat something during your visit, remember that we are in Norway and food and drinks are quite expensive. I had lunch near the harbor, ordering a fish soup (large portion) with a beer for me and bread with salmon scrambled eggs with a glass of wine for my wife.. We spent 50 euros in no time…. But everything was super tasty!

When you finish your walk you can head back to the ship or spend some time at the marina where you can meet the Norwegian sailing school ship “Sørlandet.” It is the oldest sailing ship in the world. Quite a sight!

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Oliver Kruger