The dining on board World Voyager

The World Voyager is a ship in the Mystic Cruises’ fleet that sails under German management for Nicko Cruises, famous for their river cruises.

Their entrance into the maritime cruises market has seen the company turn towards high-level products, with expedition trips and in-depth discovery of the places visited. The small World Voyager is in fact a small expedition ship, designed to explore the most out-of-the-way destinations, from the Amazon to Antarctica.

The dining on board the Nicko Cruises ship is based on international cuisine, with a choice of dishes that ranges from Italian to Asian. Although the majority of the World Voyager’s clientele is German, there isn’t a notable regional prevalence, and all kinds of dishes can be tasted.

Onboard the World Voyager there is only one main restaurant, The Mystic Restaurant, which is both elegant and well lit, located at the aft doors on deck 4. Here you can be seated at any time you prefer, without assigned tables or seating times, in total freedom and comfort. The restaurant also has an outside area, with a nice ocean view off the stern, called the Al Fresco Terrace. The three main meals of breakfast, lunch and dinner are all served here with different menus every day.

The dinner menu includes a selection of appetizers, a choice of two soups, a salad, a choice of main dish and desserts. But naturally, you can have any combination of these that you wish, with no limits. The wine menu has mostly Portuguese, Italian, French and California labels.

During the cruise there are sometimes themed menus or special initiatives. For example, an evening filled with delicious specialties completely inspired by Italian cuisine. Another fun occasion is the barbeque night around the pool where all kinds of grilled dishes are served with pleasant musical entertainment.

The current situation requiring preventative health measures means that there is a reduced number of guests on board the World Voyager and all the tables are correctly distanced, making some of the tables usable so that the correct social distancing can be attained. However, a printed menu is supplied that is printed out each day only in German.


The Lido Cafè is located by the pool on deck 7. Here you will find some alternatives, especially in the afternoons, when you can enjoy pizza, with different flavors every day, a daily soup and some desserts.  Dining happens in tables around the pool, with a wonderful view of the sea.

During the afternoon, tea or coffee is served in the Observation Lounge along with a side of sweets and savory snacks. The Juice Bar, open all day, provides a range of fruit juices, smoothies and shakes.

In the morning the station that serves drinks, tea and coffee (which is open 24 hours a day) also serves croissants and other snacks.

Another dining possibility for guests on board the World Voyager is to utilize Room Service, available from 7 am to 11 pm, with different menus depending on the time of day. In the morning there is a full breakfast available directly in the room, during lunchtime and after you can order dishes like grilled chicken, minestrone soup and excellent hamburgers. The service is free and very fast.

Drinks are not included in the Nicko Cruises offers, but there are two types of packages that allow for two distinct levels of all-inclusive.

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Gabriele Bassi