Exploris: Countdown Begins for Exploris One

With less than two months until the inaugural cruise scheduled for December 23, 2023, Exploris, the French expedition company based in Nantes founded in 2021 by Philippe Videau, is launching its countdown to make this launch an unforgettable event.

The ship will first go to Chile for a renovation of the common areas to provide greater freedom and flexibility in accommodating its 144 guests, who will be housed in 72 cabins and suites. This passenger capacity will allow for optimizing both time on land and comfort on board since Exploris’s primary ambition is to share the passion for expeditions and transform passengers into true explorers, satisfying their desires and raising awareness of the beauty of the world.

In polar regions, there will be one naturalist guide for every 10 passengers, while on expedition voyages, the ratio will be one naturalist guide for every 12 passengers. This creates the basis for an excellent crew-passenger relationship, far superior to other companies.

The ship, currently sailing to international standards with full environmental compliance, will soon be flying the French flag and christened with the name Exploris One. It will set out to explore the top destinations offered for 2024, with itineraries ranging from 7 to 17 nights.

One of the highlights for the end of this year is the inaugural cruise of Exploris One, “The Paradise of the Channels and Glaciers of Patagonia,” from December 23, 2023, to January 4, 2024. An exceptional cruise that will sail through the heart of the Chilean fjords, amidst rainforests and subpolar wildlife. A special guest for this inaugural cruise will be Jean-Yves Le Drian, the former French Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Combining dream and exploration through social responsibility and challenges

With its “Committed Education” program, Exploris is launching an education program aimed at young people and young people from the populations visited who live in precarious situations or are unemployed from its first expedition season.

In collaboration with NGOs like ARCA in Brazil, Exploris will provide young people with access to training in hospitality, catering, and tourism, or in the nautical and tour guide sectors. These young people will benefit from practical experience on Exploris One through an apprenticeship program lasting 2-3 months, during which they will be in contact with the onboard team.

Given the first season in the southern hemisphere, the first trainees will come from Brazil, followed by students from Africa and Greenland for subsequent cruises.

Exploris is also proud to collaborate with the renowned Michelin-starred chef Jean-Yves Guého. Together, they will tackle the challenge of creating unique and innovative recipes on board Exploris One. Jean-Yves Guého, known for his culinary creativity and passion for fresh, local produce, will use his expertise to create refined menus, highlighting the flavors of the destinations offered by Exploris.

To celebrate these exceptional moments, a partnership has also been signed with the EPC Le Champagne Épicurien house for the champagne served on board. In line with Exploris’s values, EPC is committed to reducing its environmental impact by choosing to lighten the weight of its bottles and using only recycled glass for their production, making every aspect of the project in Europe, from the bottle to the tasting accessories.

In the spa and in the cabins, beauty products will be created by Codage, a contemporary cosmetology house, chosen for the expertise of its beauty artisans. The Codage brand highlights the uniqueness of each skin, and through its expert therapists, a customized formula is developed, closer to the individual’s specific needs, offering optimal skin tolerance.

To capture these unforgettable moments, a partnership has been signed with the Photo-Reporter Zeppelin agency, whose highly experienced photographers will be on board to accompany passengers and assist them in documenting their adventure.

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