Explora Journeys: Offers for All Types of Travelers

Explora Journeys, the luxury travel brand launched by the Msc Group to redefine the concept of luxury cruises, presents its offers to meet the needs of every type of traveler.

To accommodate those who prefer to plan their vacations well in advance, Explora Journeys offers the Explora Early Booking Benefit, designed to assist guests in this planning phase.

With the Explora Early Booking Benefit, by settling the cruise cost upfront, the traveler can enjoy an additional 5% discount. This discount applies for departures up to 180 days before departure when staying in an Ocean Residence, or up to 105 days before departure in other Suite categories.

This discount also applies in addition to the benefits provided by Flexible Journeys, Extended Journey, and Grand Journey bookings, Journeys for Solo Travelers, as well as reductions for additional guests and young travelers.

Another enticing proposal is the Extended Journey and Grand Journey, offering guests the opportunity to receive up to a 10% discount and explore even more by combining multiple trips or sailing longer towards dream destinations.

The Extended Journey allows extending the adventure by combining different itineraries, enjoying a reduction of up to 5% compared to booking individual trips. Meanwhile, booking a Grand Journey offers a 10% discount.

A highly appreciated promotion is the Flexible Journeys, allowing travelers to plan a trip with the flexibility needed in case circumstances change, without worrying about potential price fluctuations.

The conditions of the Flexible Journeys option vary based on the booked cabin category: for Ocean Suite, the travel date can be changed up to 120 days before departure, for Ocean Penthouse up to 120 days before, and for Ocean Residence up to 200 days before departure. This offer can be combined with the benefits and reductions provided for Explora Early Booking Benefit, Journeys for Solo Travelers, and reductions for additional guests and young travelers.

Additional guests and young travelers: On board Explora Journeys ships, guests of all ages are welcome. Infants aged between 6 and 23 months travel for free, while children and teenagers aged 2 to 18 are entitled to an additional discount of up to 50% off the price. Adults traveling as third guests can receive a reduction of up to 25%.

To avail these special offers, infants, children, teenagers, and interested adults must be registered as the third or fourth guest in the same suite, while the first and second guests are not entitled to reductions, regardless of age at the time of travel. This offer can be combined with the benefits and reductions provided for Flexible Journeys and Explora Early Booking Benefit.

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