A Disney cruise: informations and suggestions

Want advice and instructions for a Disney cruise? Cruising Journal will reveal to you some essential information for sailing on one of Mickey’s ships!

Disney Cruise Line is an American owned cruise ship company that operates in different areas around the world. The Disney ships are anything but floating amusement parks. They are elegant, comfortable, and have ample areas dedicated only to adults. Of course, children will also be transported to the magical world of Disney with countless opportunities for fun and many spaces dedicated just to them.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the most important information to know about this company. With this information you will be able to travel prepared and, above all, take full advantage of this world waiting to be discovered by young and old alike!

Tips are not included but they are optional. The amount varies based on the length and type of cruise. They can be paid ahead of time or on board at the end of the cruise.

On board you can enjoy Rotational Dining. Every evening you can dine in a different restaurant, following a rotation provided at the beginning of the cruise. You will always have the same table and the same waiters but you will be immersed in a different Disney setting each evening!

Gym and Spa!? On Disney ships, you can not only have fun and enjoy the excellent service but also dedicate yourself to personal wellness. The access to the gym is free, while the Spa and wellness treatments are available for an extra fee.

Alcohol on board? If you are traveling in the United States, you must be 21-years-old to consume alcohol. The cruises in Europe allow alcohol to be served to guests 18 years and older when authorized by an accompanying adult.

Are you ready to decorate the cabin room door?! It is one of the most fun and widespread practices on Disney ships! You can bring magnets and decorations from home but be careful not to damage the doors otherwise you will receive a small fine!

Are you traveling with kids? Children receive a price reduction, which varies based on the length and time of year of the cruise. On average you will save about 45%.

Room cleaning? Rooms are cleaned several times a day and there is even a night cleaning available upon request!

Did you select a Concierge cabin?! Here are the advantages:

  • Party planning for special occasions
  • Reservation services (excursions, special dinner reservations, Spa access and nursery access)
  • Priority disembarking
  • Updates on your personal itinerary
  • Access to the concierge lounge and exclusive outside deck

There is nothing left for you to do but select the most interesting itinerary to live a Disney dream on the sea: from the Caribbean to the Bahamas, from the Mediterranean to Northern Europe, or even to Alaska. Don’t forget to read the Reviews of the Disney Cruise Line fleet on Cruising Journal!

Gabriele Bassi