Bohai Cruises

  • Fleet 1
  • Oldest ships 2000
  • Newest ships 2000
  • Flag Portugal
  • Language Chinese
  • CurrencyCNY
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Founded in February 2014, Bohai Cruise Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bohai Ferry Co., Ltd., based in Hong Kong. Bohai Cruises is the first company in mainland China to independently operate and manage luxury cruise ships. In 2014, the company acquired an international luxury cruise ship from Europe, named "China Taishan." This is China's first ultra-luxury cruise ship fully owned and self-operated.
The company's goal is to accumulate cruise management experience and gradually expand in the cruise industry. Once the experience is matured, the company plans to build or acquire larger and more luxurious cruise ships. The company aims to add 3-5 cruise ships and become a leading cruise enterprise in China within 5-7 years.

Cruise ships

Chinese Taishan