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For 25 years Amazon Clipper Cruises has been a leader in the management of cruises on the Amazon River departing from Manaus. It offers cruises departing weekly with three different itineraries; the Amazon River Cruise, the Negro River Cruise and the cruise combining the two rivers. Excursions in the rainforest by canoe and on foot are available to learn about native survival, health and education situations.
Amazon Clipper offers all cruises with two different categories of services: the traditional one includes comfort and basic services, while for those who want the comfort of a luxury ship, there is the premium, a unique ship in style that offers "simply the best" - this is the slogan of the company - cruise in the Amazon. Amazon clipper focuses on the most preserved and least accessible areas, using comfortable boats, seaplanes or Indian-made canoes with paddles, to offer a unique cruising experience.

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