Alaskan Dream Cruises

  • Fleet 6
  • Oldest ships 1979
  • Newest ships 1997
  • Flag United States
  • Language English
  • CurrencyUSD
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The itineraries of Alaskan Dream Cruises are created to give passengers an authentic and personalized experience in Alaska. At the end of every day, the onboard guests won’t have simply navigated the internal passageways of this incredible land. But instead they will have also witnessed beautiful landscapes accompanied by people from the area, they will have experienced natural interactions with the local people and the indigenous culture and they will have walked paths and unpaved roads of cities and villages that rarely have outside visitors.
There are opportunities to land on uncontaminated coastlines and to discover dense, old growth forests with special permits granted by the Forest Service, the Glacier Bay National Park, and the private landowner organizations. At the end of the adventure every day, the ships from the Alaska Dream Cruises fleet represent a relaxing refuge where guests dine on recipes from the local cuisine and learn from engaging cultural entertainment in the evenings. The guests can also interact with officials and members of the crew who represent and embody the true hospitality of Alaska.

Cruise ships

Admiralty Dream


Baranof Dream


Alaskan Dream


Chichagof Dream


Misty Fjord


Kruzof Explorer