Msc Seashore: the complete video tour

Msc Seashore, the new Seaside Evo class ship of Msc Cruises, in the complete video tour of Cruising Journal. The new flagship of Msc Cruises in a video that explores all the interiors and the beautiful outdoor decks. From the central Atrium which is always lively and animated, to the Casino and all the lounges. […] Read more

Costa Cruises: the video of the new Costa Firenze

Costa Firenze, Costa Cruises ship dedicated to the Renaissance and the beauties of Florence and the Tuscan surroundings, in the Cruising Journal Video Tour. A journey through elegant lounges, bars, all the onboard services available on Costa Firenze. But also the 13 restaurants, the Solemio Spa and all the external decks, from the Versilia Pool […] Read more

Msc Seaside: our complete Video Tour

The Msc Seaside, the first ship in the Seaside class in the Msc Cruises fleet, in the Cruising Journal complete Video Tour.  Explore with us all the inside areas of the Msc Seaside, from the beautiful Atrium to the bars and lounges, with all the restaurants and onboard services as well. But also the Msc […] Read more

Nicko Cruises: the complete Video Tour of the World Voyager

The complete Video Tour on board the World Voyager, the recent expedition ship that is part of the Mystic Cruises fleet but currently sails for Nicko Cruises. All the external areas, the exterior decks and the services of this small unit that offers cruises to discover the less-accessible places in the world. Don’t miss out […] Read more

Msc Cruises: let’s discover the Safety Protocol

Safety Protocol: we went on board Msc Cruises to discover the safety procedures and the new onboard lifestyle that ensures safe travel. Cruising resumed in the Mediterranean last August, 2020 and Msc Cruises has continued almost uninterrupted in offering cruises on the Msc Grandiosa, which will soon be joined by other ships in the fleet. […] Read more

On board the Msc Grandiosa: November 2020

Msc Grandiosa featured in the Cruising Journal video: some moments spent on board during a weekly cruise in November 2020. Relaxation, good food, and lots of fantastic sailing during a fall itinerary in the Mediterranean Sea. Msc Grandiosa is a ship in the Meraviglia-Plus class that sails for Msc Cruises, with lots of innovation and […] Read more

Swan Hellenic: the Minerva class ship virtual tour

Swan Hellenic and Tillberg Design of Sweden have released a virtual video tour so you can discover in advance the new ship under construction by the 5-star expedition company, currently being built in the Helsinki Shipyard. Fredrik Johansson, a Tillberg partner and the Executive Project Director, noted that: “Defining a new generation of expedition ships […] Read more

Costa Deliziosa in Video Tour by Cruising Journal

Costa Deliziosa in our Video Tour on board. See the Costa Cruises ship, built by Fincantieri and launched in 2010, featuring the outside decks, the interior lounges, the restaurants, services and all the other areas on board. Don’t miss out on the full Report, photos, information, offers and all the Reviews of the Costa Deliziosa […] Read more

Costa Deliziosa: “Towards the East” cruise’s video

Cruising Journal has experienced a preview of the return to cruising after the Covid-19 pandemic. We were on board the Costa Deliziosa, a Costa Cruises ship, for a week discovering Trieste and Southern Italy. Our video of the cruise, made by Bryan Lavecchia, features excursions, life on board and the unique charms of sailing on […] Read more

Costa Deliziosa: departure from Corigliano-Rossano

A wonderful view of Costa Deliziosa’s passage is featured in this video by Bryan Lavecchia’s. The Costa Cruises ship departs from the Rossano-Corigliano port of call during its second post-Covid-19 cruise, bound for Syracuse. Don’t miss out on photos, videos, offers and reviews of Costa Deliziosa on Cruising Journal. Cruising Journal Read more