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Luxury Cruise FAQs

Luxury Cruises: a guide with FAQs edited by Cruising Journal and Toni McClelland. Don’t miss all cruise ships’ Reviews, with Opinion, Suggestions, Pictures and Videos. As a luxury travel advisor, my role is to design exceptional travel experiences, by first listening carefully and asking the right questions of my clients. I don’t just ask the […] Read more

The most useful apps on a cruise

14 most useful apps  that will help you get the most out of cruising! Let’s discover them with Cruising Journal! All of the major cruise lines, such as Carnival, Disney and Norwegian have their own apps to guide passengers through check-in and their time on board. But there are also a large number of apps […] Read more

Hybrid Shaft Generator on cruiseships?

Towards an evolution of propulsion on cruise ships? Let’s discover together the HSG!   The Hybrid Shaft Generator (HSG) from Rolls-Royce is a propulsion system that aims to offer notable advantages to the ships on which it is installed. In fact, this system produces electric energy from the motor’s propulsion instead of from traditional electric […] Read more

Spa and Beauty Services on cruiseships: some tips!

Looking for cruiseship reviews about the best in on-board spa and beauty pampering? Here’s Cruising Journal‘s latest review of what’s currently available aboard some of the world’s top major, premium and luxury cruiseline ships. Major Cruise Lines Aboard Princess Cruises‘ two largest ships, Regal and Royal Princess, the Sanctuary spa is strictly adults only. This […] Read more

LNG Fuel: Cruising improves its green credentials

Major cruise lines are improving their green credentials by switching to low-sulphur LNG fuel. A cleaner fuel The global shipping fleet consumes about 4 million barrels per day of high-sulphur fuel oil, and emits around 940 million tonnes of CO2 annually, making it a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions. However, in 2020, new rules from […] Read more

High Tech on the High Seas

In cruising, tech is no longer just a nice optional extra, it is something that travellers expect as standard. Cruise companies understand this and are increasingly incorporating high tech aimed at improving the cruise experience. In the process, they are also using tech to help target specific segments of the cruising market. Wearables and apps […] Read more