Cruise Experiences

Msc Grandiosa: 7 nights inthe Mediterranean

We took MSC Grandiosa for her New Years cruise 2019/2020 and we sailed her regular Mediterranean run of 7 nights. Our →→Review on Cruising Journal We choose to embark at Genoa. It was our first time at this port and we were a little bit concerned because of the flights to Genoa, they were not […] Read more

Msc Grandiosa: Vip Press Cruise Reportage

Our first impressions aboard MSC Grandiosa, new Msc Cruises flagship, premiered during the VIP Press Cruise! Ronny Cop’s → Msc Grandiosa Review  First impression of the ship was WoW, the ship looks stunning from the outside while standing on the docks. This ship is proud to be a member of the MSC Cruises fleet and you […] Read more

14 essential items to take on a cruise

Are you packing for a cruise? 14 essential items to bring with you recommended by Lisa Magloff for Cruising Journal. Whether you are a cruise novice or a seasoned pro, we all need to give some serious thought to what essential items to bring on a cruise to make it as seamless as possible. In […] Read more

Environmental impact of cruising

The world of cruises is constantly growing. Let’s see how to protect the environment in this Cruising Journal‘s analysis. Cruising is growing in popularity. More than 26 million people took a cruise in 2018, and market projections have that number set to grow. Cruise ship catalogues often describe the ships as floating cities and, like […] Read more

Recommended Cruiseships for Over-18s

Great ships for adult-only cruising: Cruising Journal suggestions by Alison! Children can be great fun, but sometimes cruisers over 18s crave the more relaxed atmosphere that only a child-free zone can satisfy. The rising popularity of family cruising holidays has spelled increased demand for over 18s-only cruising. Some cruiselines have stepped up big time to […] Read more

Cruising for Millennials: best cruises for young people

Looking for youth, modern and rich in entertainment cruises?! Lisa tell us about the best cruise choices for Millennials! Millennials have a somewhat different approach to travel than previous generations. In general, they prefer experience to material goods and demand memorable moments and constant Wi-Fi to record them with. Increasingly, Millennials are also concerned about […] Read more

14 Themed Cruises you probably didn’t know existed

Looking for theme cruises? Here some tips from Cruising Journal, according to Lisa suggestions! Find cruiseships Reviews, Photos, Videos on Cruising Journal! Theme cruises have been gaining in popularity, and now run the gamut from golf-themed cruises, to fashion, ballet, music and the ever-popular Star Trek cruises. No matter what your interest is, there is likely […] Read more

How to dress on Cunard? Adele’s advice

Cruising with Cunard? Wondering what to pack? Here is advice about what to leave at home and what you absolutely must bring! Cunard Line offers its passengers British style hospitality, characterized by a luxurious atmosphere, so clothing on board is generally formal even during the day. The company attracts middle-aged couples but that doesn’t mean […] Read more

Cruising to Artic: luxury and all-inclusive

Explore the Remote North In-Depth and In-Style with Abercrombie & Kent Luxury Expedition Cruising New for 2020: Adventure Cruise to Iceland & Greenland; Plus an Epic Grand Arctic Voyage     More than polar bears, midnight sun and Viking culture, the Arctic offers a remarkable history of exploration and survival, Inuit traditions and natural phenomena. Abercrombie & […] Read more

Norway Stole My Heart: A Cruising Love Story

Season to cruise to Norway has started. Are you planning to have a cruise to Norway? Have you already been on a Norwegian cruise? Don’t forget to read, and to write of course, cruisers Reviews on Cruising Journal! Norway Stole My Heart. When young Newcastle actor Lewis Jobson (29) was offered presenting work through his […] Read more