Oceanwide Expeditions: the wonder of birds

Oceanwide Expeditions offers marvelous itineraries to discover birds, from the far south to the far north.

For next year, Oceanwide has organized a number of special cruises for bird lovers and those who want to photograph birds. These exciting trips visit spectacular places in the Arctic, like Spitsbergen and Greenland, and places to the south such as the Antarctic Peninsula, South Georgia and the Falkland Islands. The trips provide an experience to get you as close as possible to wild life and the most surreal landscapes on earth.

The Antarctic and South-Antarctic islands are the best areas on earth to see rare species of fantastic seabirds and these expeditions explore the most interesting habitats as well. Obviously the Falkland Islands, such as Carcass Island, are included and you can see the Cobb’s wren, the Falkland thrush and Magellanic snipe, to name a few species. Another beauty here is the Steeple Jason Island which hosts a colony of albatross with more than 110,000 reproducing couples.

Beyond the primitive bird sites, the cruises explore South Georgia where you can see the largest Royal Penguin in the world, and the Antarctic Peninsula, such as Elephant Island, with its population of Gentoo and Chinstrap penguins. Naturally, these locations are subject to last minute changes due to adverse weather conditions or future closures.

Just as thrilling as the journeys described above are the expeditions to the north in the Arctic, which are rich with opportunities for wild bird watching as well as polar bear sightings. The aim is to visit the great artic stops like Spitzbergen and Kvitøya, where you can spot whales, seals and polar bears as well as stunning seabirds.

In eastern Greenland you can have an adventure to explore the largest fjord in the world, Scoresby Sund, with the intent of seeing the aurora borealis. You could also see whales and certainly a large array of arctic seabirds. But just like their program in the south, these journey details are subject to variations due to adverse weather conditions or other restrictions.

Marvels of nature to discover onboard the Oceanwide Expeditions fleet. Information, offers and Reviews available on Cruising Journal.

Lucia Angeli