In Magellan’s footsteps with Australis

Australis Cruises Patagonia offers unique itineraries which follow Magellan’s routes on the 500th anniversary of his explorations. A truly unforgettable cruise experience.

Once it was an unknown sea, a cold Antarctic area with inhospitable people. On November 1, 1520 Magellan decided to explore it with sailing ships and from then exactly 500 years have gone by and extensive commerce from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean still regulate world trade today.

Australis Cruises Patagonia is the only shipping company to begin offering packages with Chilean and Argentine Patagonia routes following these natural corridors first called the Strait of All Saints and then of Magellan. These areas are still uncontaminated and almost inaccessible which feed the spirit of adventure in each of us. Among other things, Unesco has made this area a Biosphere reserve.

On board you will enjoy a unique experience, following in the footsteps of the great Portuguese navigator and explorer, arriving to the ends of the earth. Information, offers and Reviews of Australis Cruises Patagonia on Cruising Journal.

Lucia Angeli