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Lovely River Cruise Experience with a Crew that Feels like Family

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Danube River Cruise with a crew that feels like family, great food, and lovely modern rooms.

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Emerald Cruises remains a favorite of ours. The crew always feels like we're "coming home" to a fellow cruising family. The other guests are always lovely and we have great conversations the whole time. The casual attire with some nicer evenings (nicer being "business casual" kind of feel but you can dress up if you like without pressure of a "formal night") is perfect for us and we loved our itinerary. The fall weather was at its peak with the colors of the leaves - we lucked out. (We cruised the last week of October into the first days of November.)

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Crociera (8 giorni)
Ott 2021
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In coppia
Stati Uniti

Porti di Scalo: Melk, Regensberg, Nuremberg, Durnstein, Budapest

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