Oasis Of The Seas: a World around the World

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Exploring one of the greatest cruise ships of 2020, Oasis Of The Seas, which will depart from New York and conquer the the Bahamas’ hot seas, CooCay, and more. This year also has a circuit for Canada and New England.

Oasis of the Seas viewed from the air

It is impossible to discuss about cruises nowadays and not get into the subject Oasis Of The Seas. Taking the Allure of the Seas as their twin brother, both are the embodiment of luxury and comfort under the sea. Let’s go through some tips, trivia and warnings about this wonderful ship. This year of 2020, Royal Caribbean has news such as that the Anthem of the Seas will return to the United Kingdom. But the Oasis of the Seas keeps its route, even with the news, like CooCay (in the Bahamas), Cozumel, St. Maarten, St. Thomas, Falmouth (Jamaica), Labadee (a private beach in Haiti), and Costa Maya on the border of Mexico and Belize).

Released in 2007, Oasis Of The Seas, cost $ 1.4 billion. Containing 16 floors and a capacity of almost 6300 passengers and 2384 crew, thus adding more than 10 thousand people on board, the giant weighs 225 tons. Being so big, it needs a well detailed organization, in that sense, we will have the divisions in Neighborhoods. Each neighborhood has its specificity, such as Central Park, thus being an attraction to explore every corner of the ship.

Oasis of the Seas Map

As there are several neighborhoods, I will talk about only one, so you may have a notion of how it is. The neighborhood chosen is the Entertainment Place, located on Deck 4. This space is the soul of the party. With casinos, shows, theater and even shows by artists of great renown and talent. It will be the place where you spend your nights with entertainments. You will enjoy various Broadway-style perfumasses from the most famous pieces at the moment. With jazz being played by the bar, you will be transported to 20s Chicago. Other attractions are the stand-up comedy NY style with excellent comedians.

Starting the tips section, Oasis Of The Sea does not limit the amount or weight of luggage. However, you will not need more than two bags, remember that most of the time you are enjoying the pool or the beaches on which the ship stops, so you will not need to take so many outfits with you. Another tip to point out, always try to identify your suitcase and leave it tightly closed so that nothing happens while you dispatch it on the outside of the ship. Do not forget to leave the tip money separate. Speaking of tips, you need to remember that you are on a ship with American customs, so tips for the chamberlain and waiter or any other service provider is a custom of the ship and you should follow. And at check in, make the link between your magnetic card and your credit card, remember that there is no other way to buy inside the ships than with the magnetic card.

Always arrive early, it will be you and other 5999 people doing the same procedures, you will not want to spend much time in queues.

Every day, the crew will be providing flyers with daily activities, which goes between group and individual ones. Know that you can ask for the flyers about the activities to be in your native language, just ask the waiter on your deck and he will arrange it. Among the common areas, you will come across 3 large, the Royal Promenade, with the best known shops, jewelry stores, cafes, Starbucks; the Boardwalk, reminiscent of California and its piers, is where you’ll find the famous ship’s merry-go-round, take a Ben&Jerry’s ice cream and savor the cuisines you have on the sidewalks of the beaches. And finally we have Central Park, which by the name you can imagine, woody, aroma that comes from the florets with that sound that only they can have. You will come across stalls and restaurants. The other areas are with swimming pools, theaters, other bars, restaurants and space to practice sports or gym. And also the Vitality Spa.

Oasis of the Seas Central Park

Well, a rather delicate subject is internet access. Many go to distance themselves from the virtual world, to enjoy the moment and the holidays, but ends up with you needing to communicate with the outside world, to say that you are alive or to know that everything is well with your family. Post a photo and find out if land is still there. Oasis Of The Seas offers some internet packages that cost $140 for 7 nights and can be used on two different devices. This amount may have risen to the year 2020, so try searching for information with your travel agent. But, if you cannot, leave this amount aside in case you want to buy the internet. Tip: Sometimes at the ships stops, you can also run out of internet or even phone signal.

  • $ 140: unlimited internet, throughout the cruise for 2 devices.
  • $ 105: unlimited internet, throughout the cruise for 1 device.
  • $ 29.95: Internet for 24 consecutive hours.
  • $ 29.95: Internet for 60 non-consecutive minutes, which can be used throughout the cruise days. You may leave it turned off and on only when you use it.

If you find these values expensive, wait a few days, they always make promotions for those who have not yet bought.

Do not forget your gala dress, as the nights at Oasis of the Seas are filled by events like the famous captain’s night and your last night on the ship. When you buy the tickets, you also choose your table and there you will have dinner. Do not forget that the Windjammer is Buffet and it is always an option for those who do not want to eat the same things. This ship is worth every second you’ll spend on it. Its cost-benefit is the best in the market and will meet wonderful places so enjoy pure luxury and sophistication without leaving behind comfort. So, hurry up to secure your tickets for 2020 that are already on sale.

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