Enchanted Princess

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  • Chantiers Fincantieri
  • Année 2020
  • Longueur 330,00 m
  • Largeur 38,40 m
  • Tonnage 145 000 gt
  • Ponts passagers 15
  • Cabines 1830
  • Passagers 3660
  • Équipage 1346
  • Ratio équipage / passager 1 : 2,72
  • Monnaie USD
  • Langue Anglais
  • Pavillon Bermudes
La description

Enchanted Princess, is the eighteenth unit built by Fincantieri for Princess Cruises and the fifth ship in the Royal class for the company. A little over 145,000 tons, a capacity to accommodate up to 4,610 passengers in 1,830 cabins as well as 1,411 crew.
The Enchanted Princess shares the spectacular style and luxury of the Princess Cruises fleet and introduces new attractions to a cruise ship class that has already enjoyed great success. Exquisite and ever-expanding culinary experiences and an even greater number of pools and hot tubs. Entertainment venues with live performances, music and events. And among the accommodations, certainly not to miss is the innovative Sky Suite, with incredible views to the sea as well as the open-air cinema, with balconies that are among the largest on the market.
Gabriele Bassi

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