Îles Canaries, Açores, Cap-Vert

Canary Islands, Azores, Cape Verde: these are the islands in the Atlantic Ocean, and are archipelagos that are very different from each other but all spectacular. The Azores are often the middle stopover during transatlantic crossings but fortunately their beauty can also be discovered on dedicated cruises, mostly departing from Great Britain. Much more frequent, instead, are the itineraries heading to the Canary Islands, departing from Northern Europe and the Mediterranean. This destination is very popular during the winter because of its vicinity to Europe and temperatures that feel like spring or even summer. Cape Verde is another fabulous destination that some German companies, for example, offer on a regular basis, while others use it as a stopover during repositioning to or from South Africa or during around-the-world cruises.

11 Navires trouvés en Îles Canaries, Açores, Cap-Vert dans la période Janvier-Mars 2021