South America

South America represents one if the most-loved and exotic destinations for cruisers during the winter months, with marvelous itineraries in all the areas of the South American continent. On the Atlantic side, Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay offer liveliness and famous beaches, on the Pacific side, Chile, Peru, Ecuador and Colombia offers less frequent cruises and itineraries that are usually longer. Some companies offer the unique experience of a complete journey, such as Holland America, Oceania and Regent. Many companies offer shorter cruises from Brazil to northern Argentina and Uruguay during the entire winter period. Southern Argentina is instead a departure point for expedition cruises to the Antarctic and the Falkland Islands. The South American continent includes landscapes, climate and cultures that are radically different from each other. From the Caribbean environment that is felt in the north, passing through the rhythms of Brazilian carnival all the way to the fjords of Chile and Argentina. All these are awaiting to be discovered and enjoyed, escaping the European winters on ships of all kinds, from the most famous cruise ship companies to the smallest ones dedicated to Antarctic expeditions.

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