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Cruise & Maritime Voyages began cruising in 2009 and is part of the CMV Holdings London Travel and Leisure Group. In Germany C & M is represented by TransOcean Kreuzfahrten, a cruiseline owned by South Quay Travel and Leisure Ltd. The C&M fleet, which operates in the river sector, is characterized by medium-small ships, dedicated to an adult clientele with a very traditional cruiseship style. The departures from many U.K. ports make it well known to the British public. Recently, some units have been employed in cruises from Mexico, offering opportunities for flight travel. Although the ships used by C&M are not modern, the fleet is in the process of growing. In 2017, the addition of Columbus increased the availability of total beds and in 2019 the passage of Pacific Eden from P&O Australia, renamed Vasco da Gama, adds other trips and opportunities for passengers.

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