Cruise Lines Guide

Oceania Cruises: the complete guide

What can you expect from a cruise with Oceania Cruises? One of the best culinary offerings on the sea, attentive service and a fleet full of elegance, of course. There is so much to discover on board the six units that make up the current Oceania Cruises fleet. The latest arrival for Oceania Cruises, the […] Read more

Silversea Cruises: the complete Guide

This pratical Cruising Journal guide allows you to learn about and prepare for your cruise with Silversea Cruises. Instructions, advice and information are included so you know exactly what to expect on board the Silversea with our “Cruise Guide”.   ON BOARD STYLE Luxury service doesn’t mean that these are stuffy cruises with particularly strict […] Read more

Seadream Yacht Club: the complete guide

The Cruising Journal guide to Seadream Yacht Club. Informations and advices about services, drinks, excursions, itineraries. Reviews, Photos and Videos.   ON BOARD STYLE The Seadream offers a cruise experience that is both intimate and informal, with a luxury service that is never invasive, and that makes you feel as though you were sailing on […] Read more

A Disney cruise: informations and suggestions

Want advice and instructions for a Disney cruise? Cruising Journal will reveal to you some essential information for sailing on one of Mickey’s ships! Disney Cruise Line is an American owned cruise ship company that operates in different areas around the world. The Disney ships are anything but floating amusement parks. They are elegant, comfortable, and have […] Read more